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  • 2017/09/20
    The Shanghai Industrial ╬╝Technology Research Institute (SITRI) started trial operations at its new Eight-inch "More than Moore" R D center in Shanghai's Jiading district on Sept 10.The announcement was made at the Sensor China Expo and Conference 2017, which was held in Shanghai last week.The center...
  • 2017/09/18
    The Technology Innovation Conference, held in Shanghai's Jiading district on Sept 15, brought together officials, scholars and start-up firms, to discuss issues concerning innovation mechanisms and technological innovation.To promote innovation in industries, Jiading has developed a system connectin...
  • 2017/07/05
    Shanghai's Jiading district government signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Financial Services Office on July 3 to strengthen the role of finance in serving Jiading's social and economic development.The two sides also agreed to use their advantages in policy, resources and ...
  • 2017/07/04
    BEIJING - The chief of US company Axalta Coating Systems, the global paints and coatings manufacturer, said it planned to invest more in China, after the group successfully opened a massive technology center in Shanghai earlier this month.Axalta chose Shanghai for its new 15,500-square-meter technol...
  • 2016/12/30
    The State Council Information Office published a white paper on Thursday on the development of China's Transport. Following is the full text:Contents:Preamble...
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